Death: Veteran singer Sunil Perera is dead

Leader of the Gypsies Band and veteran singer Sunil Perera has passed away at the age of 68 while receiving treatment at a private hospital in Colombo: Family Sources.

I am saddened by the sudden death of veteren singer, musician Sunil Perera. Covid is wiping out true Patriots of our country. However, death is the true destination for us all.

Sunil Perera (68 years) veteran singer, musician and leader of popular band The Gypsies, passed away at a private hospital while receiving treatment

The pop singer and leader of the gypsy band Sunil Perera (Sunil Perera) was again admitted to the intensive care unit of a private hospital.

Family sources confirmed that Sunil Pereira entered the hospital with pneumonia.

Last month, Perera tested positive for COVID-19 and was released from the hospital after recovering from the virus.

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