Death: Who is Tomii 11? The child with cancer who dreamed of being youtuber dead

A Chilean boy named Tomás, known as Tomi 11, broke the Internet a few months ago and used his story to invade social networks because although he had brain cancer, he also fulfilled his dream of becoming a youtuber. The news of his death has now been reported.

A source close to Tomiii 11’s family confirmed the death of the 12-year-old to El Dínamo. His real name, Tomás Blanch (Tomás Blanch), became popular in April this year after breaking the record for the highest organic growth in YouTube history. In less than a week, Tomiii 11 has grown from just 34 fans to more than 3.4 million fans.

At the beginning of June, Tomiii 11 was named Chilean YouTuber of the year, and last Friday, August 27, he won the Copihue de Oro award for Best YouTuber.

On Monday, August 30, the death of the Chilean YouTuber was confirmed. Near the minor, they told Meganoticias that his death occurred after 9 in the morning.

In April this year, the boy asked social media users to subscribe to his channel and joined various gamer communities, who provided a full set of help and invited their subscribers to support Tomi.

The new fans of the little one are growing exponentially. Right now, his YouTube channel has 3.62 million fans. At that time, he only dreamed of reaching 1 million. On March 29, he shared a video to thank her for his only 35 subscribers.

When Tomi 11 stood in front of the camera, his illness put her aside, and his charm and fluidity made the public like his channel’s videos more.

One of the channels that most supports Tomi is “XXStapleXx”, which he shared on different pages in Latin America.

On March 25, Thomas opened his YouTube channel, where he posted content about singing or interacting with his parents. They even gave him a plaque with millions of fans, and he thanked her for this achievement through a live video.

His channel is @Tomii 11 on YouTube.

At that time and after that success, the goal of the little youtuber was to get the platform to give him a plate of diamonds. When the online community came together, the results were impressive.

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