Death: Pressley Stutts is dead for covid 19, Republican leader who fought against the vaccine

According to Greenville News, South Carolina Republican leader Pressley Stutts (Pressley Stutts) is fighting the COVID-19 vaccine. He died Thursday from the coronavirus after a week of fighting. He included wearing a respirator for six days.

Stutts is a 64-year-old veteran who often shares conspiracy theories about viruses, vaccines, and the 2020 elections on Facebook, including posts in his ICU bed.

Stutz served as a member of the Executive Committee of the Greenville County Republican Party and leader of the Greenville Tea Party. When Vice President Kamala Harris visited the area in June to promote vaccination, he protested against it, calling the effort an “evil move.”

Stutts also praised the state government’s efforts to deprive schools of funding for mandatory masks or fitting requirements, and was angry at the $ 10 vaccination gift card reward, writing to his 5,000 followers: ” No matter what you ask for, don’t sell it. Your body and soul. Price. “

In July, Stutts shared a Facebook post refuting the delta variant, which is likely to end his life.

The day he entered the intensive care unit, Stutz insisted that he “always believed that COVID is very real” and called it “a deadly biological weapon, a foreign enemy, perhaps internal, against the peoples of the world.” . “

He also posted conspiracy theories about the virus online. Last year, he dismissed the masks as “wishful thinking” and in December he claimed there would be no increase in deaths in 2020, saying “the American public has been inspired by the complex of the medical industry.”

An investigation letter published in April estimated that there will be an excess of 522,368 deaths in 2020, a 22.9% increase over 2019. Earlier this year, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They estimated that the number of excess deaths between January 26 and February 27, 2020 was between 545,600 and 660,200. 2021.

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