Deelishis photos and videos leaked on twitter and reddit Male Stripper Tried

When Flavor of Love TV personality Chandra “Deelishis” Davis married Raymond Santana Jr. of the Acquitted Five in 2020 (the man whose conviction was vacated in the 1989 Central Park jogger case), people had various Reaction. However, many support the couple and are happy to see Santana finding love and joy after everything. Not to mention they seem to share a lot of fun on social media.

But hopes for a happy ending appear to have taken an uneven turn.

Followers of the couple started noticing that he shared videos and pictures on social media without wearing a wedding ring. Then, on March 1, Davis shared something not so pleasant about her husband on Instagram.

In a now-deleted message, she wrote: “I’m married to a narcissist who is a complete liar and liar and I’m finally ready to tell my truth…stay tuned. #GlovesOff”

She would change that title and replace it with “Today I seem to be inside myself, but I’m not alone.”

Despite deleting her original statement, she shared messages defending her and supporting her friends after people criticized her post (and the appearance she feigned in it, to be honest).

“You’re all wrong!!!” said one woman, who Davis retweeted her message. “Her husband is what she says she is! She is telling the truth! Unfortunately, you all want her to be the bad guy in this situation,” Davis replied. “The truth.”