Who is Denise Pesina and Bob Crimo? Highland Park mass shooting suspect’s mother

A 21-year-old man who attacked an Independence Day parade outside Chicago planned to shoot “weeks” after trying to hide his identity by wearing women’s clothing before mixing with the crowd fleeing the United States, authorities said on Tuesday. slaughter.

Six people were killed and dozens injured in a shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, that evacuated terrified revellers and sparked an hours-long manhunt. Police identified the shooting suspect as Robert Cremer III of Haywood, Illinois. He was taken into custody hours after the shooting, but had not been charged with a crime as of noon Tuesday.

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The parents, Bob Crimo and Denise Pesina, need to be investigated.

The mother of the suspect in Monday’s deadly mass shooting in Highland Park was the focus of some police contacts in the hours Tuesday, and they were also the focus of the SWAT team in the hours after the shooting.

A mailbox with her company’s name on it is now blocked by police.

Video shows the suspect’s mother and police clashing in the 1500 block of McDaniels Avenue in Highland Park, where SWAT teams searched for her son immediately after the shooting.

She can be seen yelling and gesturing at police and looking angry.

Bobby Crimo’s mother, Denise Pesina, also has a mailbox and store at a UPS store about three blocks from the mass shooting scene in downtown Highland Park.

Is this email the subject of a police investigation? CBS 2 investigators found that the entire UPS store was locked down and closed on police orders. No one can enter or access their mailbox.

This is the only store in this little Highland Park mall with this sign.

The mailbox we found when he got back to his mother’s house was partially blocked by a cardboard box. There is no word yet on why the police ordered the closure of the UPS store.

We are still awaiting a police response to the mailbox.