Who was Dennis Rickman Jr death, dad on EastEnders and how did he dead?

After Dennis Rickman Jr drowned at a doomed boat party in the East End, his tragic death shocked Wolford. 14 years after the death of her beloved of her life-his father, also called Dennis-his death left her mother Sharon Mitchell with grief and difficulty.

So how did Sharon and Dennis meet and fall in love many years ago? And how did he die? Dennis first appeared in the square after the death and resurrection of Dirty Den, Sharon’s adoptive father. His daughter Vicki was born between Den and Michelle. After discovering that Den also had a son Dennis he did not know, he traced Den back to Walford.

Den explained that the body found in the canal was actually Vinnicombe, a senior member of The Firm who was murdered as punishment for Den’s escape. After Dan heard Sharon’s ex-boyfriend Phil beat her and arranged for Dennis to be beaten by a gang, he became involved in a feud with her ex-boyfriend Phil.

His revenge included sleeping with Phil’s sister Sam, helping Lisa Fowler get her daughter Louis Ribbon back, and organizing a scam to put him in jail. Discord also helps Dennis get closer to Dad Dan.

After Phil confronted him and went to Spain, Den fled the square. However, when he returned, Dan found that Sharon and Dennis were in a romantic relationship and accused him of incest, which made him very annoyed. Initially, he tried to persuade Dennis to abandon Sharon, but when he failed, the dirty study became annoying and mocked him for believing that their Christmas connection was real.

When Dan threw him through the doors of Queen Vic and then made some mean comments about Dennis’ neglected childhood, suggesting that he was sexually abused while in care, their conversation became violent. Dennis lost it and went to hurt him, but accidentally ran into Sharon after she suddenly arrived.

Dan feels guilty for the harm his daughter has been hurt, and he continues to claim that he wants the two of them to appear in his life, but cannot do so if they are together. In the end, the confused Dennis broke up with Sharon in order to establish a father-son relationship with his father. With the arrival of Den’s separated wife, Chrissie, the Watts family became closer, but after he cheated on her and committed adultery with Dennis’ girlfriend Zoe, the relationship did not last long.

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