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Despite Ferrari’s hopes, Charles Leclerc went ashore: “There will be no miracles”

It was a very bitter 2020 for Ferrari. The Italian team dragged a penalty on its engine that caused it to drag in most of the races last season. However, from the team they are looking for hopes of a comeback in 2021, something that their figure does not trust, Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque put his feet on the ground and assured that “There will be no miracles.”

Ferrari team guns are aimed at the 2022 season of the Formula 1. The regulatory change, which was due to arrive this year, is one of the greatest hopes of all teams. Beat Mercedes It is the objective of those of Maranello, although they know that it will not be this championship. The closest team to the Germans is Red bull, despite the fact that they have not yet assured parity with those led by Lewis hamilton.

Aerodynamic changes and engine improvements are Ferrari’s hope. Also, the arrival of Carlos Sainz It gave a new air to a team that had been convulsed by poor results. However, Leclerc already announced that they are far from the top positions, although they will try to give their maximum. In the preseason, a more competitive Ferrari could be seen compared to 2020.

“We will try to improve compared to last year, but there will be no miracles. We have to be realistic. Even if I wanted to, I don’t think we will fight the 2021 World Cup, “Leclerc told CodeSport. In 2020, those from Maranello achieved three podiums. Two from Leclerc (2nd and 3rd in Austria and Great Britain) and one from Sebastian vettel (3rd in Turkey).


On the other hand, Leclerc backtracked from his claims of being able to improve the results of the car last year. «It is still too early to talk about the performance of the SF21. When I spoke of taking Ferrari to the top, I was referring to a medium or long-term goal, not 2021. Regulations prevent us from doing what we want in the car. This car is an evolution of the 2020 ″.

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