Dhanaji Sardar dead, whats happened? cause of death

Dhanajee Jaadhav was a warrior of the Maratha Empire. With the arrival of the santajee ghorapade, he waged a fierce campaign against the Mughal army from 1689 to 1696. After Santajeevi, Dhanajee became chief of the Maraatha Sena in 1696 and held this position until his death in 1708.

Dhanajee was born around 1650 into the family of Maraatha, or the family of Santajee Jadav in Sindhakhed. Danaji’s brother-in-law Acharaj was Jijabhai’s brother-in-law and Shiva took him to Danaji after his death. Santajee’s son Shambhoo (Sambhaajee) was also brought by his son Jeejaabaee and his son Shivaajee, who died after Santajee’s martyrdom in the jihad against Bahajee Prabhu Deshapande.

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