Dammy Richie dead, Whats happened? Cause of death Dharmie Richie?

Nigerian expat Dharmie Richie threatens to expose the fake life of Dubai-based eldest, self-proclaimed Gucci guru Hushpuppi.

According to Dharmie Richie, Hushpuppi lived a fake life, always borrowing money just to charge his phone.

Below are pictures of cool Nigerians richer than Huspuppi but loyal and humble, check out the top 8 below.

From bling to first-class travel, fast driving and expensive shopping, they have it all and love to show off on Instagram…Meet Nigeria’s Instagram rich kids. In Part 1 of the series, I’m going to focus on how some of these young Nigerians have lived a high life and gained followers from around the world on Instagram.

With wealth from entertainment, millinery, and other forms of business matching their profiles, these people are living the life that many can only dream of…but is it just for grams?

These photos show that while these people “play ball,” sometimes they just like to brag about taking pictures in front of cars they don’t own or drive, or even shoes they don’t own.

From expensive cars to exotic vacations to expensive fashion, see how these rich kids live on Instagram!

List of 8 Cool Nigerian Men Who Are Richer But Loyal Than Hushpuppi
Posted by Daniel. under entertainment 181ENTERTAINMENT on November 3, 2017

From expensive cars to exotic vacations to expensive fashion, see how these rich kids live on Instagram!

Mompha, CEO of Lagos Currency Exchange, likes to show off his bags from his Gucci, Cavalli, Valentino, Versace, Hermes and Louis Vuitton shopping sprees, and reminds his followers that he buys luxury goods with cash.

Rapper and designer Bayo Adewale, aka Bnaira, also likes to splurge at parties. While studying geography at the University of Lagos, he became known for his love of red cars, from the Honda Accord to the Wanderer and supercars with personalised plate colours.

Meet Nigerian Billionaire Dharmierichie, CEO of Dharmierichie Bitcoin Exchange

Dharmie Richie’s net worth is estimated at $410 million. According to several news outlets, he is a big Nigerian boy and one of the best big boys in Nigeria. Dharmie Richie is like an ordinary big boy who likes to show off his wealth on social media.

He shows off pictures of expensive items and works with the media to please his followers with lavish photos. He’s an expensive guy with a dubious source of wealth. According to some trusted news outlets, Dami Ritchie is said to be richer than the famous Nigerian big boy Hushpuppi, but we don’t believe it

The source of Dharmie Richie’s wealth has yet to be confirmed, but some websites suggest he is an internet liar – a fact that we cannot accept. Dami Ritchie’s personal life, biography and other details were not disclosed. Of course, he is a Nigerian citizen and one of the fastest growing Nigerian big boys and celebrities.

Remember, Dharmie Richie, a big Nigerian boy from Dubai, claimed the reason he had beef with Hushpuppi was because he had sex with a girl he had a crush on for a year, but couldn’t get access to it.

The revelation comes after he calls Hushpuppi and warns that if he doesn’t stop hitting him, wherever they meet, he’ll expose his fake life.