Diakhaby case: a video with the racist phrase against the Valencia player comes to light

“Fucking nigga, are you going to cry?”, those were the strong racist words used by the Spanish footballer of the Cadiz, Juan Cala, to address the French of Valencia, Mouctar Diakhaby. The microphones of the international broadcast of Sunday’s game by LaLiga captured the racist insults of Cala towards Diakhaby, which were the focus of controversy in the last hours.

Cádiz’s 2-1 victory over Valencia on matchday 29 of the Spanish LaLiga was marred by the nefarious racist insults used by footballer Juan Cala against Mouctar Diakhaby. After these comments, the French of the Valencian team and all his teammates did not want to return to the field, but they were threatened with loss of points, so they returned but without Diakhaby, replaced.

The video

In the last hours, in addition to a Diakhaby video recounting the situation experienced, key images for this controversy were disseminated. In a video of an official broadcast you can clearly hear how Cala says to him “Fucking nigger, are you going to cry?” Diakhaby in a play at 30 ‘of the game after some grabbing. The French defender was outraged by the insults and withdrew from the field.

Cala meets the president of Valencia

Diakhaby quickly denounced Cala’s comments, for which she received support from her peers. For his part, the footballer involved in the racist insults denied these events and even had a run-in with the president of Valencia, Anil Murthy. “Although he (Cala) denies it, we all know how to recognize a guilty face and we totally believe Mouctar,” said the president. To which the Cádiz footballer replied: “After seeing the embarrassing video that the president of Valencia makes with his player next to him, I hope that when the video comes out, he will go to the court on duty to report me, because I am going to make”.

The defense of Cala

Cala, said at a press conference that in a “set of the game with the player (Diakhaby), I receive a blow, I claim like everyone else and running backwards, the player rebukes me, I turn around, I say ‘Leave me alone ‘and I keep going ”. In addition, he added that they have “judged him before the end of the game, without hearing my version. For its part, LaLiga opened an “internal investigation procedure and with the videos” to clarify what happened and analyze a possible sanction for Cala.

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