Diane Downs dead and Obituary?, Who is Becky Babcock and where is she now?

DIANE Downs made international headlines for the ruthless shooting of her three children – her fourth yet to be born.

Now that her children are all grown up, many are wondering how they are now

Who is Diane Downs’ daughter Becky Babcock?

Born June 27, 1984, Becky is 37 years old and is best known as the daughter of Diane Don, 66.

Becky, Diane’s fourth and youngest child, is currently serving a life sentence for shooting three children – killing one.

Becky, who was named Amy at birth, was born after her mother was tried for murder.

After Becky was born, she was adopted by the Babcock family and named Becky.

Becky opened up about her mother in 2010 and also met with her to learn about her roots.

She has told her story multiple times over the years and has appeared on 20/20, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Son of a Killer and the Happy Face podcast series.

What did Diane Downs do?
The “mom killer” allegedly planned the attack to “get rid of” the burden of her three children Christy, Cheryl and Stephen with husband Steve Downs.

The murder plot was reportedly part of her plan to be with the man she had a crush on, who reportedly told her he didn’t want children.

In May 1983, Diane drove her car to the side of a remote road in Springfield, Oregon, where she shot her three children and herself in the forearm.

She then drove 5 to 7 mph to a local hospital, where she claimed she had been hijacked by a stranger and shot herself and her children, according to witnesses.

When Diane arrived at the hospital, Cheryl, then 7, was dead and her two other children were seriously injured.

Becky’s half-sister Christie was brought back to life, but was left with a language barrier.

Half-brother Danny is permanently paralyzed from the waist down due to the injury.

Christy and Danny were adopted by Lane County Attorney Fred Hugi and his wife Joanne in 1984.

Diane was arrested the following February and sentenced to life in prison.

Many accused Diane of “deliberately getting pregnant” to win the jury’s sympathy.

Diane said: “I’m pregnant because I miss Christy, I miss Danny, I miss Cheryl so much.

“You can’t replace the kids, but you can replace the effects they give you.

“They gave me love, they gave me contentment, they gave me stability, they gave me reasons to live and reasons to be happy, but that’s over, they took it from me, but it’s easy as a child Pregnant.”

Where is Becky Babcock now?
Becky now lives in Salem, Oregon, as a behavioral health coordinator.

She is also the mother of a son named Chris.

Becky also had a second child, but reportedly gave the child up for adoption.

That’s when she decided to contact her biological mother.

“I want her to be a human being. I don’t want to see her as a mother because I have a mother who is like someone who is heartbroken about giving up a child,” she said. “I want to connect,” she told ABC News in 2019.

She told the show that when she was 11, she tricked the nanny into revealing her biological mother’s name: Diane Downs.

She said: “The influence of Diane Downs as my mum has changed the trajectory of my life so many times. But I’m on the right track and I’m very happy with the way life is going.

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