Colombian actor Diego Camacho who participated in La Reina del Sur dead – cause of death

The Association of Actors of Colombia reported this Monday that Colombian actor Diego Camacho (Diego Camacho), one of the actors of La Reina del Sur produced by the Telemundo network, died suddenly. “Today we say goodbye to our colleagues and friends. We will always remember.

A fraternal hug from the ACA and the communities of Colombian actors and actresses for his family and friends. Q.E.PD, “the Columbia Actors Guild wrote in a statement.

“We deeply regret the sudden departure of our partner Diego Camacho,” he complained on the Instagram profile of Actores SCG, the company that administers the right to payment for public communication of audiovisual actors in Colombia “-Colombia La Liga de Actores concluded . : “Your teachings, your love for your profession, animals and the environment will be a legacy that we will always remember.”

According to an entertainment outlet, the news of the artist’s death was confirmed by relatives, who avoided talking about it and refused to reveal the cause of death.

Diego Camacho integrates things like “The man is Germán”, “Tres Caínes”, “A Corazón Abierto”, “Gentlemen prefer Brutas”, “Tame waters”, “I love Paquita Gallego” Waiting for the works, to shine in his career. , “There is no heaven without tits”, “Widow in white”, “Saint Tropez”, etc.

His films include “Karma, The Weight of Your Actions” and “The Ambassador of India”, showcasing his obvious talents in different artistic spaces.

The account on the social network recalls the role of the actor, paying tribute to his memory and his love for the profession over the years.

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