Do you have any? Study reveals the most common video game tattoos

UNITED STATES.- Obviously, the tattoos they have become increasingly common among people over the years. Of course, the decision is personal and depends on a huge number of variables. But a study has revealed which are those that people get tattooed with higher frequency inspired by the world of video game.

In this way, the portal undertook the task of conducting a thorough investigation to find out which video game franchises are the most moving from paper to ink and skin. One of the premises of this study was to use the hashtag “Tattoo”On Instagram to find out which video games have the highest number of tattoos based on the games and titles.

The publications that were related highlighted that the largest franchise in the field of tattoos is Nintendo and a vast number of characters that already inhabit the skins. For its part, Pokémon is the most popular saga on the subject with around 185 thousand 504 posts on Instagram. They are closely followed by The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros with 29,144 and 19,628, respectively.


Another curiosity was that the most popular characters were listed and Nintendo is once again on the podium, but Sony and SEGA are also in the top positions. Pikachu (from Pokemon) is the one with the highest number of tattoos in the study with 19 thousand 629 photos and, in a peculiar way, the demigod Kratos from God of War is placed in third position with 5 thousand 539 images on the social network.

Undeniably, this is a study in which the data can vary in an astonishing way, since surely there are other posts that did not use the hashtag “Tattoo”. But without a doubt, it is a good indicator to know what the impact that video games really have on people, since tattoos are something very personal and, of course, many of them have stories that transcend the skin.