Does ben die on station 19 – What Will Happen Next to Dr. Ben Warren on ‘Station 19’?

A series of explosions are about to shock the world of Dr. Miranda Bailey (played by Chandra Wilson), Andy Herrera (played by Jaina Lee Ortiz) and others. As the new trailer for the intersection of Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 suggests, the atrocities could take the life of the protagonist.

Who dies on station 19

Some fans think that Ben Warren (Jason George) will be seriously injured, and many people worry that he may not be alive. So, what is the truth? Will Ben die at station 19? Some fans believe that Ben will be killed in the explosion captured during the intersection of “Gray Trainee” and “Station No. 19”.

The creepy trailer captures the protagonists’ attempts to prepare for a terrible tragedy, and Dr. Irving Hunt (Kevin McKidd) predicts that patients in critical condition will quickly flood in. In another scene, Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden) at Station 19 declared that “there was a second explosion.”

Frighteningly, Miranda tried repeatedly to contact Ben by phone, but it seemed to have no effect. What’s next? Will Ben die at station 19? Several fans went to Twitter to ask the host to rethink and save Ben’s life, which is arguably not the most promising sign. “Please don’t kill Dr. Ben Warren.

You took too much from us. If you don’t kill him or anyone, we would be very grateful. Thanks, xoxo,” Twitter @ummhi0. “It’s this WTF now? Will anyone die? If it’s the person at station 19, then IDGAF, except Ben. Don’t touch him. I volunteered to pay tribute to Owen and Teddy. Even Catherine. Okay, thanks,” Twitter @ rel_sen.

Dr. Ben Warren once found himself in a suspicious situation. In the 4th season of the 14th episode of the 19th station, Ben finally agreed to undergo surgery after receiving a diagnosis of testicular cancer. At first, he tried hard to accept this terrible turn, but after Miranda cheered him up, he decided to undergo surgery.

“I know how you feel. But you need to do this…because this is a hellish year,” she said. “My mother is dead. Andrew DeLuca is dead. Meredith Gray just came out of her vent. Say it is selfish, but I can’t lose you. I can’t accept it. I can’t work. I won’t be anymore. Alone.”

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