Don’t lose touch! Frank Mir debuted with defeat in boxing and feels victorious

This Saturday night, the former UFC figure, Frank Mir, debuted in the boxing professional. The aforementioned did it before the former world champion of said sport, Steve Cunningham. The latter mentioned was the one who took the victory home, after a unanimous decision in his favor. In that sense, the renowned mixed martial artist spoke to the press and made it clear that he feels like a winner anyway.

Starting with his words, Mir He said: “It is a victory. Honestly, my ultimate goal was to get a decision in six rounds. But if you said knock him out in 30 seconds or get a six-round decision where you boxed really well, I preferred that one. It sounds like a defeatist mentality, but I think that true martial artists understand that it is about the journey and not the destination.

“That means more to me and my life in general than catching someone in 15 seconds. In fact, I feel pretty good. I felt like, honestly, I won the first two or three rounds. In my mind, if I know, I can be with a boxer for two or three rounds and win those rounds. If it had been an MMA fight, then I win the fight. That would carry over into my MMA career, ”he said.

Will look for another fight

On the other hand, Frank He acknowledged the following about it: “That’s really who I am, he’s a mixed martial artist. It’s about always trying to make an effort. If Steve had accepted me by show of hands, yes, absolutely. Before, I am going to see if I can choose your brain and look for the mistakes I made so that I can become a better fighter if you are willing to do that. “

“I think they asked me if we wanted to do an MMA fight. Obviously, I said yes. But I don’t think he would say yes to that, “he closed Frank Mir, who had also said in the previous one: «I just want to make a good demonstration of myself above all. Look, I am an example to my children and my children are smart. They are phenomenal human beings, if you look at my Instagram you can see the things they are already doing, my daughter and my children.

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