Dorothy Shelton Obituary 2021 – Who is Blake Shelton’s mom?

Who is Blake Shelton’s mother? His new Christmas movie “Let’s Go Home for Christmas Time” for Hallmark was produced by Shelton’s mother Dorothy Shackleford. Although the movie may be new, it follows a familiar pattern peculiar to Blake’s art family-a catchy Christmas tune written by Blake and his mother to tie the plot together.

American country singer Blake Shelton’s mother is Dorothy Shackleford. She once owned a beauty salon in Ida, Oklahoma, but is now famous for her Christmas novel “Time to Go Home.” She currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband Mike.

This film tells the story of five strangers who are invited to the Snow Hotel for Christmas. These guests began to spend more time together and to investigate the possible connections between them. An event in the past seemed to unite them. The cast includes Lacey Chabert, Stephen Husar, Lini Evans and Lyon.

The film is directed by David Wenning and written by Marcy Holland. Based on Dorothy Shackleford’s Christmas songs and book In 2012, Blake is writing a song called Time For Me To Come Home, which will appear in his Christmas album “Cheers, Christmas”.

However, Black is trying to find the words of the second quarter, so Mother Dorothy stepped in and helped him. Dorothy Shackleford went on to write a book with the same name as the song. This is largely based on holiday family memories with her son and his singing career.

This is how we got the iconic production time of 2018 to let me go home for Christmas. The second film was made in 2019 and is now the third film in the franchise—we go home for Christmas.

The mother and son co-produced all three movies, each focused on a different character and story. You can watch Time For U To Home For Christmas on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and the next one will air on December 10th at 4pm Eastern Time.

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