Download Apex Legends Mobile Latest Version beta 0.54.4597.97 2021

Download Apex Legends Mobile Version beta 0.54.4597.97

It appears that a patch has been released for Apex Legends, which should significantly improve the state of the game’s server.


In the last few days, we have repeatedly emphasized all the problems encountered by the servers of the first person shooter Respawn. However, it appears that the person running Apex Legends has released a corrective patch that should be able to make the disconnect and crash almost normal. The update was released on September 22, 2021 and brought many bug fixes that will improve the game experience and some fixes for Rampart’s maximum capacity.

Let’s start by looking at the feedback for this little patch and look at the fixes regarding Rampart’s abilities. In fact, players can reload Sheila’s ammo in handheld mode using malfunction melee attacks. Also, you can reduce the range of machine gun bullets by lowering the shot without aiming. With this minor update, these glitches have been removed from the game to balance the legend.

As for other bugs that have been fixed, we see that the dynamic banner posture bug has been fixed, and subsequent improvements to server stability should significantly reduce the number of random disconnects. In addition to these fixes, we’ve also seen some bug fixes regarding private matches, various graphical bugs, and a Pathfinder bug, allowing you to perform melee attacks faster than usual.

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