Who was Dr. Andreas Noack? dead and Obituary? and what was his cause of death?

It is rumored that Dr. Andreas Noack, a German doctor, was arrested in a police raid last year. He was recording a live video at the time and is now dead.

A video of a woman purported to be Noak’s partner claimed that the German doctor who opposed the vaccine had died. The video was posted on BitChute, a video hosting service that also allows violent videos to be uploaded on its platform.

After the rumors of his death spread, people on social media and forums even speculated that Dr. Andreas Knock was killed because of his anti-vaccine video.

Who is Dr. Andreas Noack and what was the cause of his death? : It seems that we have noticed that another German doctor’s whistleblower may have been murdered. His name is Dr. Andreas Noack. Apparently, he made a video exposing the oxide found in the graphene vaccine, which is not good. , Because it can cause incredible damage to the human body. After the video was completed and translated from German into English, the doctor was obviously dead. Although we are not sure whether the situation is true, it seems that another German informant’s situation about the vaccine was quickly over and died. Caught our attention, we will update you.

Again, as of now, this has not been confirmed. We are here to show you two videos. The first video is Dr. Noack discussing graphene oxide in vaccines and its harm to the human body, and the second video is Dr. Noack ‘S partner said he is now dead. You can watch the video, you can make up your mind. You believe in the authenticity of this case. Obviously, you will hear the Jewish media trying to cover up these traces because it did not meet their demands. The official narrative. Anything that runs counter to the Jewish narrative will not appear in the media.

Graphene oxide is found in all vaccines. It forms a structure in the blood about 50 nanometers wide and 0.1 nanometers thick. They are very thin and very strong. They are like small blades in the blood that can cut blood vessels. In the body, the impact on blood vessels is cumulative.

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