Dr. Jerzy Targalski is dead. “Great loss for Poland”

Jerzy Targalski, PS. Józef Darski is a historian, doctorate in humanities, political scientist, orientalist, opposition activist and publicist during the People’s Republic of Poland (including permanent commentator for Radio 24 in Poland), who battled the disease on Sunday morning. -The doctor’s departure.

Jerzy Targalski is a great loss for Poland. Dorota Kania said in an interview with IAR that no other teacher or lecturer has so much humor and so much knowledge. Author of the famous “Resortowe Dzieci” series of publications.

Professor at the University of Warsaw. Former board member of Polish Radio. In 2020, he received the Cross of Freedom and Unity and the Commander’s Cross of the Polish Restoration Order. He is a regular commentator for Radio 24 in Poland.

He has repeatedly pointed out the dangers posed by the excessive role of officials of the Security Service and the Military Intelligence Service and their secret collaborators in the political and economic life of Poland after the political transition in 1989.

He advocated purging and disbanding.In science, Dr. Jerzy Targalski dealt with the problems of system transformation in Central and Eastern Europe in the 1980s and early 1990s, especially the role of special services in these transformations.

He graduated from the History Department of the University of Warsaw in 1976, and studied ancient oriental linguistics at the Oriental Institute of the University of Warsaw a year later. Later she became a doctoral student at the Institute of History of the University of Warsaw.

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