Dr Oz is dead or still alive? Dr. Mehmet Oz cause of death rumor -whats happened?

Mehmet Oz, full name Mehmet Cengiz Oz, (born June 11, 1960 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA) is a Turkish-American surgeon, educator, author and television personality who co-authored the popular YOU series Health Books and The Dr. Oz Show (2009-22).

Oz, whose parents were Turkish immigrants, grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, where his father was a thoracic surgeon.

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After graduating from Harvard University in 1982, he received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1986 and his MBA. Served at the Wharton School in Turkey and served in the Turkish army to retain his citizenship in the country.

He then completed residency training in general surgery (1986-90) and cardiothoracic surgery (1991-93) at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. In 1993, he became the attending surgeon at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center. A proponent of alternative medicine, Oz began incorporating hypnosis, meditation, acupuncture and other non-Western remedies into his practice. In 2001, he became director of the hospital’s complementary medicine program. That year, he also became a professor of surgery at Columbia University.

In 2005, Oz (with Michael F. Roizen) wrote You: A User’s Manual. The book – known for its engaging writing and humor – led to a TV appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oz went on to become a regular on the show, as well as many others, earning him the nickname “American Doctor.” Part of his relationship with audiences is due to his easy-going personality and overall approach to health. With Roizen, he continues the best-selling YOU series with you: diet (2006), you: smart patient (2006), you: stay young (2007), you: beautiful (2008) and you: have Sweetheart (2009).

The popularity of books and TV shows led to daily radio talk shows. The program debuted in 2008, featuring Oz and Roizen sharing health advice. The following year, Oz also began hosting the daytime television series The Dr. Oz Show, an hour-long program that includes information on a variety of health topics and preventive medicine. It was an immediate hit with audiences, but Oz’s support for the show came under scrutiny, and in 2014 he appeared before a U.S. Senate panel criticizing his ads for weight-loss products. Later that year, a study in the British Medical Journal found that 54 percent of the recommendations were either conflicting or lacking scientific evidence. Oz responded by defending his right to free speech.