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I have a wide range of academic research and teaching, interests and expertise including depression, dementia diagnosis, cross-cultural psychiatry, addiction, mindfulness and online education. I started working at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne in October 2019, where I was a Senior Lecturer, contributing to the development and expansion of online courses.

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I previously worked at Monash University, where I led the development and implementation of research units for the fourth year fully online psychology course – Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology – Advanced (GDPA). My publications include the following books – McKenzie, S. & Hassed, C. Mindfulness for Life, Exisle, Wollombi, 2012; Constable and Robinson, London, 2012. McKenzie, S. Vital Statistics: An introductory text for the health sciences. Elsevier, Sydney, 2013. McKenzie, S. Mindfulness at work. Exisle, Warrenby, 2013; Exisle, London, 2014; Vocational Press, NJ, 2014. McKenzie, S. Heartfulnes Beyond Mindfulness: Finding Your True Life. Exisle, Wollombi, 2016, London, 2016, New York, 2016. S. McKenzie, F. Garivaldis, K.R. Dyer, K. (eds.). Teaching and Learning Online in Higher Education: TOTAL Digital Education Perspectives and Resources, in press, Springer-Verlag, Melbourne.