Dragon Ball fan goes viral by recreating the Martial Arts Tournament with only LEGO bricks

Among the many successful franchises in the world of anime and manga, few are as popular as Dragon Ball. Marking several generations, the universe created by Akira Toriyama has countless fans, who are constantly honoring the series in different ways.

One of those fans is the Reddit user known as wriststrong1, who recently went viral on DBZ’s subreddit after sharing his perfect recreation of the iconic Martial Arts Tournament, using only spare parts LEGO.

As you can see in the images below, the user did not leave out any of the details of the arena, including the temple in the background and the crowd in the stands. However, the part that stands out the most is the fighters, since Goku is facing the Super man.

It is also worth noting other interesting details, such as Vegeta flying in the left corner and the curious characters we see in the audience, ranging from Darth Vader and Captain America, to Homer and Mickey himself.

About the future of Dragon Ball Super, although we still have no news regarding the return of the anime, its manga continues to be published monthly, currently being in the second arc after the completion of the Tournament of Power.

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