Dragon ball super super hero full movie reddit leaked on and twitter

dragon ball super super hero full movie leaked

Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures will begin showing the film in theaters around the world this summer in August, but no dates have been announced. Summer screenings include original Japanese audio with subtitles and dubbing. The companies will release the film “on every continent, including North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East and Asia (excluding Japan).”

The theatrical poster for “Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes” shows that the anime film will be released in U.S. theaters on August 19. Twitter user tricthetm posted an image of the poster on June 4. It appeared at the AMC Neshaminy 24 Theater in Ben Salem, Pennsylvania, in the Neshaminy Mall.

Crunchyroll describes the film:

The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Sun Wukong. He who inherited his spirit created the ultimate robots Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. The two robots call themselves “superheroes.” They start attacking Piccolo and Gohan… What is the goal of the new Red Ribbon Army? With danger looming, it’s time to wake up, superheroes!
The film was released in Japan on June 11 due to Toei Animation’s hack in March. The film was originally scheduled to be released in Japan on April 22. The film opens in IMAX on June 11, 4DX and MX4D on June 25, and Dolby Theater on July 1.

Tetsuro Kodama directed the film and Naoki Sato composed the music. Nobuhito Sue is the art director, Chikashi Kubota is the animation director, and Jae Hoon Jung is the CG director. Dragon Ball’s original manga creator, Akira Toriyama, is responsible for the film’s original story, script and character design.

Guest performers include:

Hiroshi Kamiya as Gamma #1
Mamoru Miyano as Gamma #2
Miyu Irino as Dr. He Do
Daejeon Volcano in magenta
Ryota Takeuchi as Karmin

The team previously revealed new character designs for Dende, Korin, and Bulma. Whis and Beerus will also appear in the film.