Dragon Ball Heroes finally confirms where Vegeta is

Although episode 34 of the anime by Super Dragon Ball Heroes has not yet been released, recently the new chapter of the manga was released in Japan, which in addition to showing the continuation of the battle of Goku and Hatsu against Freeza and Cooler, finally revealed where Vegeta it is.

The information was shared on Twitter by the user known as @DBSChronicles, who described the main events and scenes in the manga. So, on the last page of the chapter, we left the core of Goku and have a quick update on our beloved Prince of the Saiyans.

“Meanwhile, on the ‘copied’ Planet Vegeta, Vegeta finds himself in a battle against Cumber and Turtles …”, ends the description.

As we already knew, this universe created by Fu is a replica of Universe 7, but in any case it is a great surprise to know that the Planet Vegeta was also brought back in addition to put Vegeta on your home planet it also opens up countless possibilities that the work can explore. Remembering that Cumber and Turtles are also Saiyans.

If you’re not familiar, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is an arcade game that explores the most diverse aspects of the non-canonical universe of Akira Toriyama’s work, introducing new stories, characters and transformations. Thus, in 2018 a promotional anime was released with the same name as the game, which receives new episodes every month.

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