Dragon Ball – This is one of the main differences between Vegeta and Goku’s fighting style

Being one of the most iconic rivalries in the anime and manga world, Vegeta and Goku are always training to excel, but although Goku takes advantage most of the time, something that many fans may not know is the difference between their fighting style.


The first time this is commented on more clearly occurs in episode 19 of Dragon Ball Super, when Goku and Vegeta are on Planet Beerus training with Whis. Thus, after not being successful in hitting the Angel with any blow, Whis explains that Vegeta he is a combat genius, however, he remains behind Goku because his senses are always on edge, which prevents him from breaking his own limits at crucial moments.

In the case of Goku, even if he is always relaxed, this is also a problem, because his overconfidence makes his guard low, and consequently makes him more careless and vulnerable. Subsequently, this difference between the two is addressed again when we enter the most recent events of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

In case you are not familiar, Goku and Vegeta are again at Planet Beerus, but this time, they are conducting different training sessions that correspond more to their respective fighting styles. So, while Vegeta uses that feeling to the skin to train the Hakai with Beerus, Whis helps Goku improve your concentration and improve your Higher Instinct.

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