Draymond Green leaked photo and video – Whats happened?

Draymond Green painted a puzzling picture on his media day with the Golden State Warriors late last week, combining his respect for Andrew Wiggins’ indecision on vaccines and how his teammates should rest. Paternity leave was compared. According to the 31-year-old power forward, “That (like telling Wiggins to get vaccinated) is like telling him,’Your wife is going to give birth. How dare you leave this team and not take care of you? His wife…what does this mean for this team?”

This is a personal matter for him. This is related to health. This is private to his family. It’s no different. ” Do you know everything? Neither do I. That confusingly wrong equivalent of wording almost sums up most of the content of the press conference, in which Green explained what the rest of us (especially the media) are too stupid to understand: COVID-19 is a personal problem and ” “Politics” issues, not public health issues.

Green continued, “For someone who is not too keen on politics… When you do something so politicized instead of everyone participating in politics, you can also keep these people out. You know? I think. Regarding people’s concerns about such a difficult thing, there is something to say…

You have to respect people’s feelings and their own personal beliefs. I think this has been lost in terms of vaccination and non-vaccination. It has been lost, This is terrible.” In fact, how bad is that we are still in a pandemic that lasted 20 months, which has caused more than 700 deaths,

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