What is Ra Lal Saini DSP Viral Video leaked? Who is the woman in the video?

After the nasty Rajasthan police video was exposed, the suspended police were also arrested. On Sunday, the special operations team detained police from her uncle’s residence in the Kalva area. He was arrested under various parts of the POCSO Act and is being questioned. The video of the DSP virus and the policewoman was last updated.

Previously, the court sent the arrested DSP to the police to arrest her until 17 September. The police are questioning Hiralal Saini. Police questioning revealed that their relationship lasted almost five years. The two met in Ajmer in 2016 and have been in a relationship ever since. In the past five years, the two had several inappropriate relationships.

In the swimming pool of a five-star hotel and resort in Pushkar, the suspended DSP, Larsene and the police committed sexual abuse in front of the boy. The woman later shared the video on her WhatsApp on July 7 and the video has become increasingly popular ever since.

The woman’s husband and family also found out. The policewoman’s husband filed a complaint with the Chitwa Police Station, but the director of the Chitwa Police Station suppressed it as a matter related to the department.

Subsequently, the woman’s husband submitted a written complaint to Nagaur SP. The situation intensified so much that the DGP itself took action and suspended four policemen.

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