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DUI Guy is a prominent trial lawyer whose Twitter posts related to Johnny Depp’s trial have gone viral.

DUI Guy, whose real name is Larry Forman, appears to be a young active 30-year-old (born May 5) from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He is the CEO of Forman & Associates and a trial attorney specializing in wrongful death, auto accident and criminal law.

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As we all know, the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp case has become the hottest topic on the Internet, with millions of people around the world eagerly awaiting news of the upcoming trial.

In addition, the lawyer released a statement on the case, and his Twitter post appeared to show his support for Johnny Depp.

Who is driving after drinking? his real name

DUI Guy’s real name is Larry Forman. This young passionate litigator and CEO of Forman and Associates is 30 years old (born May 5) from Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Forman & Associates is owned, operated and funded by The DUI Guy (formerly Larry Forman Law, PLLC).

Wrongful homicide, car accident and DUI litigation are areas of focus of his practice.

He has assembled a well-trained and dedicated team to serve each client individually. Every case is the most important reason for every customer and therefore the most important case for the company.

Clients appreciate Forman & Associates’ ability to provide this type of personalized service.

The company’s goal is to provide the best service to its clients, achieve the best results and do this efficiently.

Additionally, Layer has her own YouTube channel, The DUI Guy+, which shares footage of recent deaths, trial news, and vital evidence.