Dwayne Johnson to voice Krypto, the Superdog of the DC Universe

In the United States, the high rate of vaccination has allowed various activities to return to normal and among them is content creation in Hollywood, That is why various companies are already thinking of bringing new adventures to the screen.

One of the adventures that had remained in the inkwell was that of Krypto, the Superdog that came from Krypton and was Superman’s companion, and now they want to bring it to the big screen.

Dwayne Johnson to voice Krypto, the Superdog of the DC Universe

Now, DC Comics producers will focus their efforts on bringing the Krypto film to the big screen, for which, Dwayne Johnson will lend his voice.

It is not a joke, the ex-wrestler will be the official Krypto dog, the producers know the impact that this character has on the public and that is why they will bet on his presence in the film.

It’s the first time that Dwayne Johnson to venture into animated series adapted to the cinema, with a character that only adults have on the radar, but that will surely win fans of the new generations with this new film.

Dwayne Johnson would be involved in another DC film too

According to Deadline, the relationship between Dwayne Johnson, DC and Warner Bros. wouldn’t just be for the Krypto movie, but would also be involved in a new tape called DC League Of Super-Pets.

DC League Of Super-Pets will be directed and written by Jared Stern in his first ever behind-the-camera adventure, so it is sure to be a box office hit as well.

There is already a date for the premiere of DC League of Super-Pets

This is the first big news about the film of Krypto, although there are no very clear details about the plot and much less who would be the actors that would accompany Dwayne within the cast.

Another piece of good news is that the producers did announce that the DC League of Super-Pets will hit theaters on May 2, 2022, and will compete with other films such as Paramount’s Mission: Impossible 7, Lionsgate’s John Wick: Chapter 4 and a Disney live-action.

Would you like to see the Krypto story in theaters soon?