Ean Higgins mh370 is Dead, Whats happened? Author has gone missing presumed death

Author Ean Higgins has gone missing presumed dead but there is almost no information about this online.

Ean Higgins grew up in Texas and Quebec before moving to Australia with his Canadian father and Australian mother. For nearly 40 years, he has worked as a reporter, column editor, chief of staff and foreign correspondent for three major national newspapers in Australia. He was a trainee at the Australian Financial Review and was appointed the paper’s first New Zealand correspondent, before switching to the Fairfax Group investigative title on Sunday before joining the newspaper in 1988.

The Australian, his responsibilities included foreign news editor, The Enquirer, and has worked in Sydney as editor, European correspondent and bureau manager. In recent years he has returned to covering The Australian, focusing on crime, corruption, politics, aviation and the interplay between them. Higgins holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Sussex and a MA from the Australian National University.

He learned to fly as a young man in Quebec, learning to fly as a student on snowboards in the winter in a Cessna 150. He won the JFK Award for Best Online News Coverage for his coverage of the bushfires, and the Quebec Independent Press Award for his opinion piece on language policy in the French daily Le Devoir.