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Many people are fascinated by the unique taste of this local specialty.

Making eel soup is very simple, but it requires careful selection of ingredients and careful preparation. Experienced chefs often opt for field-caught eels, a rare find and a true delicacy for gourmets.

Proper handling of eels is crucial as skilled hands are required to remove the slime and avoid the fishy smell. After thorough cleaning and cooking, the chef separates the eel meat from the bones. The pulp is then sautéed with onions, turmeric, chilies, peppers and cashew oil.

As for the broth, most cooks cook eel heads and tails with chicken, beef and pork bones for a sweet and savory base. The broth is simmered for about three to four hours before more spices are added.

A bowl of Ngee Ann eel soup entices diners with its distinctive spicy flavor, accentuated by the bright golden yellow of turmeric, the bright green of onion and the fiery red of chilli. Guests who taste this dish will appreciate the tenderness of the eel, which absorbs all the aromas of the spices.

Eel soup tastes best with “banh mi” Vietnamese baguettes. In addition, locals often pair it with steamed rice rolls and rice cakes to enhance the overall flavor of the dish.