Who is Eimi Fukada? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

Eimi Fukada was born on March 18, 1998 in Japan. She is an actress

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Hidemi Fukada, JAV adult movie actress and anime dubbing or voice actor, once again showed his enthusiasm for demon slayers: Kimetsu no Yaiba played the role of the insect pillar Shinobu Shinobu, which surprised us a lot.

This talented and kawaii 23-year-old translator perfectly reproduced the smallest details of the Demon Hunter Legion’s medical expert costume, acting very faithful to the role-play seen in Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga and animation.

Without a doubt, what we like the most is her attempt to imitate Kocho Shinobu’s posture and lifestyle, but we would love to see her poison opponents with a sword or take pictures and model in a similar location to the Butterfly House. ; even so, she still did a good interpretation and characterization of the worm column.