Eleanor Scoones dead and obituary, Director of Lucy Worsley docs death

MRandom News Eleanor Scoones dead and obituary, Director of Lucy Worsley docs death

Eleanor Schoons dies – Eleanor Schoons, director of the Lucy Worsley documentary and Who Do You Think You Are, has passed away. Eleanor Scoons was pronounced dead by her companion. She died at the age of 42 after a long and courageous battle with cancer. She has been described as a talented and extremely entertaining producer and director. Scoons is survived by her husband Xavier and daughters Ada and Juno.

“I met Eleanor at her first AP job,” Hindley said. “She didn’t want to move from assistant producer to producer, which is the path many women have to take — she was always determined to be a director.”

Not only is Hindley a “brilliant” director with a “talent for bringing historical and artistic themes to life,” but what she remembers most is how funny Schoons was. “We used to get together for lunch and she would have this weird phenomenon where if she found something touching or funny, she would burst into tears. I love that about her,” she said.

Skoons, a mother of two, is a consummate expert in producing and directing Saxon history programmes. She is known for her extensive work on the Lucy Worsley series and has worked with such high-profile production companies as Twenty Twenty, Wall to Wall and Viacom International Studios.

Recent successful shows include Lucy Worsley’s Palace Secrets (for BBC Studios/BBC4 and PBS), Our Victorian Christmas (Viacom/Channel 5) and The House Through Time “(Twenty Twenty Points/BBC2) and other programs. and episodes of BBC1’s Who Do You Think You Are, starring Greg Davies, Lulu, Jack and Michael Whitehall and Jodie Whittaker.

Emma Hindley, editor-in-chief of BBC Storyville, confirmed that despite Scoons’ directorial ambitions, she remained humble and approachable. Lively and lovely, she overcame the initial tension in life as a new director.

Educated in history at Cambridge University, Skoons exuded an incredible sense of fashion, often wearing skirts even when filming in difficult conditions such as windy and muddy fields. Her intelligence, fearlessness and humor are evident in her work, and she is highly regarded for her excellent reviews. Scoons has a remarkable ability to bring historical narratives to life and convey complex ideas effortlessly in an accessible manner.