Elias Theodorou obituary, Canadian MMA fighter – cause of death

Elias Theodorou, the charismatic mixed martial artist who successfully fought for medical marijuana rights as an athlete, has died. He is 34 years old.

His publicist, Jess Moran, confirmed that the former UFC fighter died of liver cancer on Sunday in Toronto. Originally from Mississauga, Ontario, Theodorou is an athlete, actor, model, stuntman, dancer, TV salesman, Harlequin romance cover model and cannabis advocate.

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My heart is broken. A member of the Fightful family, the brilliant Elias Theodorou, has passed away. He was always so nice, sincere, positive and uplifting. Such a helpful and knowledgeable nice guy. Nice to meet him. He will miss it terribly. Theodorou is also the male ring card boy for Invicta, an all-female MMA promotion.

Theodorou is also known as the first professional athlete in the United States to receive a medical marijuana exemption.

He supports removing marijuana from the US Anti-Doping Agency’s banned list. When news of his death broke, the MMA world was shocked.

TSN MMA reporter Aaron Bronsteter wrote: “Unfortunately, reps for Elias Theodorou have confirmed previous reports that he has passed away at the age of 34.

“Theodorou is privately battling stage 4 liver cancer and has only told a few people about his diagnosis.

“Securing a therapeutic use exemption is a quest that he has devoted time and resources to over the years, and his legacy to the cannabis athlete will be felt for years to come.

Hats off to one of the best people I’ve ever met… Elias Theodorou. Incredible fighter, friend, role model, ring boy and athlete. Going too fast. This guy is such a dazzling light. “RIP Elijah. A great athlete with a great sense of humor and a smile that lights up a room.”

UFC welterweight Beral Mohammed tweeted: “Wow, RIP.” CBC’s Sanjay Maru wrote, “I am shocked and disappointed. Elias is one of the few in MMA One of the famous people who gave me time to chat with him. Rest in peace, Spartan.”