Elisha Dicken dead, Whats happened to Elisjsha Dicken shooting

We continue to learn more about the mass shooting at the Greenwood Mall in Indiana. Police said the gunman fired 24 rounds from a semi-automatic rifle, killing three people and wounding two others.

The suspect was shot and killed by a man whom officials described as a kindhearted man. Law enforcement officials said more people could have been victimized or killed if 22-year-old Elisha Dicken hadn’t taken action. News 10 spoke with Sullivan County Sheriff Clark Cottom to find out what police officers look for in a multiple-gun situation.

Deacon shot the suspect 15 seconds after he opened fire. Greenwood Police Chief James Eisen said. “There’s a very small window to stop an attack like this, but second… Once you stop this threat, you better put your gun away and put your hands up, because of you.” Don’t want to be confused as The actual attacker,” Sullivan County Sheriff Clark Cottom said.

In this case, identifying a suspect from a “hero” can be very confusing to law enforcement, according to Cotton. “It’s a very dangerous situation to put yourself in that position.” Amid the chaotic, dual-wielding situation, Sheriff Cottom told News 10 that well-wishers must act quickly.

He said he needed to educate those around him — including law enforcement — that he would not pose a threat. “There’s a little window where you can be a good person, and when the police arrive, you’d better put the gun back in the holster and keep your hands in the air because it’s going to cause confusion.”

Cotton shares some tips on how to best protect yourself when out and about in crowded public places like malls. “Be aware of your surroundings, be vigilant, and if you’re properly trained and carry a firearm, it’s up to you.” In the end, he said he wished things had been different. “It was really unfortunate that we had to have discussions like this. Unfortunately, we even had to write a story about it, you know, we were safe in the mall.”

Regarding the investigation, preliminary autopsy results show that Greenwood shooter Jonathan Sapirman was shot eight times, none of which were self-inflicted.