Ellie Clarke dead – Who is Darrell Clarke wife? Whats happened

Fans are curious about Darrell Clark’s wife and children after Darrell Clark announced her leave following the death of her family.

Darrell Clark is a professional football manager. He has been in charge of EFL second club Port Vale since 2021.

Clark is a retired footballer who has played for Mansfield Town, Hartlepool United, Port Vale, Salisbury City, Rochdale and Stockport County.

Port Vale made the announcement on Tuesday, February 13, 2022. Darrell Clark on leave after ‘bereavement of a close family’

MRandom News Ellie Clarke dead - Who is Darrell Clarke wife? Whats happened

Who is the wife of Vale manager Darrell Clark?
Darrell Clark married his devoted wife. Although details about her have not been revealed anywhere.

In November 2020, the coach said in an interview that his wife lives in Southampton.

The football manager was born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. His mother died in a car accident when he was two years old.

It is reported that he has a brother named Wayne. The younger brother had to grow up with his grandparents because of his father’s alcoholism.

Fans show support for Darrell Clark after family bereavement
Darrell Clark is on leave after family bereavement. The club has now asked him to provide privacy.

“Vale coach Darrell Clark is on leave after experiencing the grief of a loved one,” the football club tweeted.

“The club asks that the privacy of Darrell and his family be respected at this time.”

When the statement reached fans, they sent a message of support to Clark and his family.

@jakegosling123 wrote: “My thoughts are with Darrell Clark and his family at this difficult time.”

Another user @kellyoxley said: “Darrell Clarke is really the ex we left because we are going through a period of drought.”

“We wanted something new and exciting. Now he’s married with a couple of kids and we’re sitting at the bar drinking whisky and crying to the bartender who got away.”

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