Emmerdale spoilers death David? – Who Dies When A Gun Is Fired At The Hide?

In the intense Emmerdale scene tonight, The Hide’s hostage situation turned into a shootout, but who was shot?

This week, Victoria (played by Isabel Hawkins) decided to transfer the £ 50,000 estate to Lars (played by Rob Jarvis). However, as Wendy (Susan Cookson) feels more and more guilty, she tells Vic that Ras’s true identity is: a dangerous fugitive who abuses others.

Russ, as always, came to The Hide at the best time to see Vic and Wendy talk. Vic, who was trapped inside, knew all about David (Matthew Wolfenden): Above, sorting documents, and was unaware of the commotion below.

Tonight (September 9), when Russ angrily accused Vic of lying about being raped by Lee’s children Russ and Wendy, things continued to get worse.

As time went by, Russ realized that there were other people in the hideout, and David came out from behind the table, begging Russ not to hurt Vic. Wendy, who was taken hostage, tried to communicate with Russ, but apparently to no avail. When another call came in, Russ picked up the phone. Surprisingly, Vic caught Russ and tried to snatch the gun from him.

David also stood up and tried to push Vic away. Push Vic away. Jacob (Jowarren Plant), Dan (Liam Fox) and Bob (Tony Oden) Xiao ornaments) I was terrified when I heard the shots.

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