Eric Metaxas book is ateism is dead? Where to buy it?

Eric Metaxas Atheism Is Dead? by Rick and Bubba University

For Eric Metaxas, a famous evangelical public intellectual and Christian radio host, knowing that the 2020 presidential election was stolen is like believing in Jesus. In a prayer call with evangelical supporters of President Donald Trump on Tuesday night (December 2), Metaxas said that God is on Trump’s side in the fight against “stolen” elections .

“It’s like someone said,’Oh, you don’t have enough evidence to believe in Jesus.’ We have enough evidence in our hearts. We know him, and the enemy works harder than anything we have seen in our lives to turn us over and forget it. .”

Once a skeptic of Trump, Metaxas has become one of Trump’s most devout followers. “I’m happy to die in this fight,” Metaxas told Trump in a phone call with the president earlier this week. “This is fighting for everything. God is with us.” In recent days, Metaxas has become the chief communicator of conspiracy theories in the 2020 election on his daily radio shows and social media-assuring his audience that Trump will win because Jesus is on the side of the president .

This transformation shocked many fellow Christians in Metaxas, who considered him an ambitious public intellectual, graduated from Yale University, and his anti-Nazi radical pastor Dietrich Bonhofer in 2011 The biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer was praised by former President George W. Bush and was invited to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast with then President Barack Obama.

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