Ernest Wilson, Founding Member Of The Clarendonians, Has dead

Ernest Wilson, behind the Jamaican ska and rock-solid band The Clarendonians, was active in the mid to late 1960s and has now passed away. He died at Kingston Public Hospital on Tuesday, November 2, at the age of 69. We cannot confirm the cause of death.

Michael Wilson is the son of veteran singer Ernest Wilson. He was shocked by the shock of his father’s sudden death last Tuesday after being taken to Kingston Public Hospital the day before. The singer is half of Clarendonians and is 69 years old. According to his son, the cause of death is not yet known.

“This is really shocking,” Wilson said emotionally. “Ernest is music. He has never stopped singing. He now has an album and a few singles. My father has been working in the studio until Friday, and then he started to feel unwell on weekends. I took him on Monday. Hospital, because he has breathing problems. His oxygen content is very low, but when the doctor checked him, he was very responsive. I wanted to stay with him in the hospital, but the medical team said he would be tested for the new coronavirus, and then he Will be taken to a special area.

I didn’t sleep on Monday night because I expected them to call me as promised. That call never came. ” In grief, Wilson shared the obstacles he encountered when he tried to call an ambulance home from KPH to pick up his father, but no one was available, and the pressure he was trying to find his father in the hospital after finally receiving a call on Tuesday afternoon Staff from KPH.

“I started calling the hospital at 7 am on Tuesday morning, but there was nowhere to go, and then I received a call asking me to come 3 minutes ago because the matter was urgent. I kept trying to get detailed information, but couldn’t get it I hurried downstairs. The staff at the hospital didn’t know who he was or where he was.

Someone told me he was on the third floor, but he was not there. Finally, a doctor came to me and told my father that afternoon Passed away at 1:52. I said,’No, that’s impossible. How could he die? I didn’t expect the news at all,” Wilson said.

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