Serdar Yeter video – Ertuğrul Ekmekçi – ertuğrul ekmekçi intiharı suicide

There are developments in the case of the murder that took place in September last year in Konya. As a result of Müge Anlı’s monitoring of the suspects in the incident, new complaints are being made on social media, as well as some contradictory statements.

In the latest program broadcast on ATV, Müge Anlı focused on Ertuğrul Ekmekçi, who is currently in the army, and his older brother. Ertuğrul Ekmekçi’s older brother, who is currently serving in the military, joined the live broadcast for the second time and made some contradictory statements.

This statement by Ertuğrul Ekmekçi’s brother, who claimed in the last live broadcast that his brother shot into the air at a party 1 day before the murder, turned out to be untrue.

Mahmut Bey, the owner of the house in the entertainment that Ertuğrul’s brother mentioned, said: “I did not see Ertuğrul shooting a rifle, but I saw his brother. His friends saw Ertuğrul shooting a rifle. Our fun was on Friday, 3 days before the murder. We went to sit in our Dunürs on Monday, my brother-in-law came and Metin Büyükşen He said he was shot. We left there as neighbors and went to the murder house. They said that you can clean the room after the funeral, I , Muhammet Çavdarcı, Murat, Uğur Büyükşen and Betül to clean the room together. There was also Ertuğrul, we cleaned the room together. Our fun doesn’t end 3 days before the murder. So many swamp footprints.” he made the declarations of him.

The certain person who made a mark in the minds of all social media users with the voices of “Serdar, I’m not a stranger enough” committed suicide.