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In the incident that occurred at the monopoly dealer on Mehmet Akif Ersoy Street in Esenyurt Güzelyurt Mahallesi, 20 years Batuhan Bayındır and 24 years Yunus Emre Erzen lost their lives, while 21 years Yusuf Erzen were injured.

There was a new development regarding the attack this evening. Minister Yerlikaya stated that two fugitive suspects wanted in connection with the attack were caught. Yerlikaya said, “After BC and S.Ö, suspects of the incident, T.Ö. and A.Ö. were also caught. All of the suspects related to the incident are in custody.” shared his knowledge.

Thus, all the suspects sought for the attack on the monopoly dealer were caught. Baba Cantürk Erzen, de 30 años, nació el 3 de marzo, Mehmet Erzen, de un padre que era un padre, Su padre es un padre, su padre es un padre, su padre es un padre, su padre es un padre, su padre es un padre, su padre es un padre Un padre es un padre, su padre es un padre, su padre es un padre. He stressed that he had nothing to do with the issue. Erzen, puede comprar de las siguientes maneras. “He is the one who came with a gun. Later he went and gave 50 kinds of statements. None of those statements are true. There are already camera recordings of the incident. Therefore, there is no such thing as blood money.” Erzen said, “I gave products to that person here, I don’t remember the exact number, but it was around 680 thousand liras, he paid me 130 thousand liras. I had about 500 thousand liras from them at that time, they did not want to pay this money when this happened”.

Stating that he did not demand the money and that this incident had nothing to do with the murder of his son, Erzen said, “We made peace, it’s over. We didn’t have any problems,” dijo spoke.

Father Erzen stated that he could not watch the videos shared about the moments when his son was killed and said, “A person has caused a person material and moral pain, but I could not watch those images as a father,” and continued as follows:

My satec is asking this person this. Why did you brutally kill my son? ır, we have given, it has been incomplete, it has been too much, we do not have a feuding incident. “