Eva Padlock photos and videos leaked onlyf, Enjoy the heat and with this summer video you won thousands of little hearts

Model Eva Padlock continues her successful career as more and more brands call her an influencer on the web.

She has been commissioned by a specific women’s fashion house to show her most outstanding models, and she knows very well what to do.

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Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and Eva greets him with a video of him sporting a special outfit for the upcoming hot season.

For some ‘posts’ on Instagram, Eva wore a model from one of her brands sponsored by influencers, waiting for her favorite season to arrive.

The truth is that Eva loves it so much, since a few days later she published a collection of seasonal dresses on her Instagram account, which makes her look forward to next summer.

The Barcelona model, known as Monster Girl, is known for promoting this energy drink in Moto GP races, getting more and more reactions in the media, for example, in Sports Illustrated magazine as the charming lady The Day and Thrill Bender as the baby of the day.

The model has settled in the United States to continue her career, and viewers have not stopped seeing the fashion trends that she shows on Instagram.