Who is Evelyn Miller rdr2? Miketoks and morfina video prohibido leaked onlyF reddit instagram

Evelyn Miller first appears and interacts with the quest “The Golden Cage”, speaking with Henri Lemieux and other guests at Angelo Bronte’s party. Arthur later met Evelyn and introduced her to Lightning Rain and her son Ella Eagle. She asked Arthur to steal documents from the Leviticus Cornwall refinery to prevent the locals from moving out.

A few years later, John ran into him on top of a hill, where he was drafting a new book, and the two had a conversation. She told John to meet him at the cabin near Tanner Creek.

When John returns to his cabin, Miller takes him to find a group of hunters who hunt animals for sport. She confronted the group before receiving a punch to the face. After dealing with the hunter, she thanked John for his help and returned to his cabin. When John reappears, she locks herself in his cabin and tells him that he will not eat, drink or leave until his draft is complete.

Although John left the food in his cabin some time later, the third time John returned, he smelled a terrible stench. He broke into the cabin to find the body of the late Miller. After taking the book, John reads Evelyn’s last plea, saying that she wants to be burned to be with the “Eagles”. John continued to comply with his demands, burning down Evelyn’s cabin, which contained her body.

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