Ezra Blount dead – 9-year-old trampled at Astroworld dies from his injuries – Obituary

9-year-old Ezra Blount has passed away, according to the Mayor of Houston. He was on his dad’s shoulders at the Astroworld concert — when his dad says he could not breathe and passed out. Ezra was trampled and was in a coma before passing away.

According to his family, the 9-year-old child received life support for several days after being injured at Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival and he has passed away.

Ezra Blount’s family told ABC13 that he died on Sunday. Last week, Ezra’s father Treston Blount (Treston Blount) was interviewed by ABC13, and said that his son is a fan of the young Travis Scott (Travis Scott). “He was so excited. He was ready,” Treston recalled.

When the countdown to Scott’s performance at NRG Park on November 5th began, Treston lifted Ezra high on his shoulders. The pair stood behind the crowd because Treston said he thought it would be calmer. But as soon as Travis Scott came to power, he said that people started pushing. Treston lost consciousness and Ezra fell to the ground. At the mercy of the concert audience, the 9-year-old was trampled.

When Treston regained consciousness, he could not find his son anywhere. He rushed to the medical tent and several hospitals on the scene. After submitting the police report, he later received a message from a police officer, including a photo of Ezra.

When he arrived at the hospital, Treston learned that Ezra’s main organs had been damaged, his brain was swollen, and he needed life support. The death toll at the concert is now 10. Eight of the victims were pronounced dead on the night of the concert. The ninth victim, Bharti Shahani, died last Wednesday.

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