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Previously in Star Wars… Sabine Wren desperately wanted to be Ahsoka Tano’s Jedi Padawan, but Ahsoka let her down somehow, causing a huge rift between the two comrades . Besides, did all this really happen? Specifies the harsh tone of vinyl records.

Before the new Disney+ series Star Wars: Ahsoka, there was no idea that Sabine wanted to be Ahsoka’s Jedi Padawan. While Ahsoka casts Sabine as one of the coolest new Jedi in the Star Wars canon, the idea that she’s destined to go the Jedi way is going to raise some very reasonable questions among some viewers — especially die-hard Rebels fans. question.

Ahsoka breathes new life into a classic Star Wars theme: the mentor-student relationship. But do we need to worry about plot holes now? Let’s take a look at these lightsabers and see where Sabine’s new Jedi journey in Ahsoka goes.

If you’re wondering if Ahsoka trained Sabine to become a Jedi in Rebels, the answer is pretty much no, not at all. However, Sabine’s lightsaber talents are a very important plot point, especially in “Trials of the Darksaber” and “Legacy of Mandalore” in the third season of Rebels. In the first episode, Sabine inherits the Darksaber (yes, that one) and reluctantly learns to fight with it — and how to use a lightsaber. In Legacy of Mandalorian, Sabine also briefly wields Ezra’s green lightsaber, the same one she wields in Ahsoka.

So, one can assume that Ahsoka is the one who taught Sabine how to use lightsabers, especially dark sabers. No! In those excellent Rebels episodes, Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus taught Sabine how to use a lightsaber.

She fought with a lightsaber but didn’t use the Force like a Jedi, which was also a big deal at the time. As Kanan puts it, Sabine “may not be able to fight like a Jedi, but she can learn to wield the blade proficiently.” Ahsoka mentions that Sabine’s actual Force powers are somewhat limited in episode two, when Sabine says: “It doesn’t matter.” I never had the talent. ability. Hu Yang replied, “I have known many apprentices over the centuries, and I can safely say that your talent for the Force is second to none. “So Sabine’s Force isn’t strong, at least not force-wise. As we’ve seen before in the traditional way.

However, when Sabine is training in “Trial of the Darksaber,” we briefly see Bendu, an ancient Force creature that represents the “middle” between the light and dark sides. The glimpse of Bundu in “Trial of the Dark Sword” is perhaps the biggest clue that Sabine has the potential for hidden powers. In the same episode, Kenan tells Hera that everyone possesses some level of power. Sabine was simply “blocked,” in part out of frustration.

Kenan and Ezra also trained Sabine in Jedi combat methods with a lightsaber, and encouraged her to form an indissoluble bond with the sword. Because of this, Sabine is much better at wielding the Darksaber than Dinjarin in The Mandalorian. Because the bottom line is this: She’s trained in the fighting techniques of a Jedi Knight. But in the time frame of the Rebels — 4 BBY to 0 BBY — Jedi training didn’t come from Ahsoka.