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Villa’s high defense isn’t the smartest strategy today. Matty Cash would be out of luck after Nunes’ shot hit the post and was bounced back into the net by the Villa defender, but Liverpool were finding space at will. A heartwarming message from the home team.

Liverpool’s pace is truly amazing. Every time Villa conceded a goal, Diaz, Nunes, Sobosle and Salah were ready to attack.

Sobersley’s long-range shots have already added a new dimension to Liverpool. Fantastic shot from 20 meters away.

This is a great opportunity for Villa. Moussa Diaby caused some trouble for Liverpool, pushing forward, drawing the home defender towards him before releasing John McGinn, but the forward fired a shot over from 12 yards.

Then Nunes nearly made it 3-0, but Consa blocked it with his face (don’t know much about that).

Emery was forced to shuffle just before Liverpool scored their second goal.

Diego Carlos was hit and unable to continue, Leon Bailey came on. Konsa moved to centre-back, Cash moved back to right-back, and Bailey was on the wing.

The Liverpool right-back showed all his passing skills today. Villa were overshadowed by at least four standouts. master class.