Faisal wani nupur sharma video leaked – Nupur Sharma comment on muhammad video statement video

Qatar summoned an Indian envoy on Sunday over anti-minority anti-minority remarks made by members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), but also welcomed the party’s decision to suspend members’ remarks. The saffron camp today suspended its spokeswoman Nupur Sharma’s key membership of the party and expelled its Delhi-based media chief Naveen Kumar Jindal over his controversial remarks.

nupur sharma comment on muhammad video

nupur sharma comment on muhammad video

To oust Jindal, BJP president Adesh Gupta in Delhi issued a statement: “Your key members will be terminated immediately and you will be expelled from the party.” Also Read – Govt on Demeaning Remarks of people took tough action. Made by Minorities: Indian Embassy in Kuwait

Faisal wani nupur sharma video

In addition, a note to Sharma from the party’s disciplinary committee said she had expressed views contrary to the party’s position on various issues, in clear violation of its constitution.

In a letter to Sharma, BJP Central Disciplinary Committee member secretary Om Pathak said: “You have made comments on various issues contrary to the party’s position, in clear violation of Article 10(a) of the BJP constitution. I have taken the Until instructed to notify you, you will be suspended immediately and to discharge your responsibilities/obligations, if any, with immediate effect, pending further investigation.”

Earlier in the day, in a statement by its secretary-general Arun Singh, the BJP said: “The BJP strongly condemns religious figures who insult any religion. The BJP also opposes any awareness that insults or demeans any sector or religion. Morphology. The BJP does not advocate such people or philosophies.”

“In India’s millennium history, every religion has flourished. The BJP respects all religions,” the brief statement said.

“The Constitution of India gives every citizen the right to profess any religion of their choice and to respect and respect any religion. As India celebrates its 75th anniversary of independence, we are committed to making India a great nation, one where all are equal and all Live with dignity, everyone is committed to the unity and integrity of India, and everyone can enjoy the fruits of growth and development,” he said.