Famous Somali actor Abdi Muridi Dheere (Ajakis) has dead

Famous Somali actor Abdi Muridi Dheere (Ajakis) has died in Mogadishu. He was taken to a hospital in Mogadishu where he was being treated. May God have mercy on Abdi Muridi Dheere who knows that Ajakis was famous for his acting and entertainment.

Incredibly sad to learn of the loss one of the greatest Somali comedians & recipient of #ISA19 Entertainment Award, Abdi Muridi (Ajakis). He was a much loved/celebrated comedian who bought joy & laughter to so many. Our deepest condolences to his family & friends. Allah ya Rahma.


Abdi Muridi Dheere aka Ajakis is a famous Somali comedian. His hilarious ribs have brought laughter to many Somalis. In Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, the Somali government and sources confirmed on Monday. In a statement, the outgoing President Mohammed Abdullah Famaho confirmed the death of Ajakis and expressed his condolences to his family and relatives for the death of Ajakis. “President Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed Famaho expresses condolences to his family, relatives and the Somali people on the death of Abdi Muridi Dyer,” part of the statement read. According to sources, Ajakis died in a hospital in Mogadishu, where he received treatment for a period of time. Ajikis’ farce has dominated television broadcasts for many years, bringing smiles to the faces of many Somalis.

In recent years, Ajakis has been cooperating with London Somali TV and Universal TV. Ajakis is one of the pioneers of Al-Faghi, which specializes in dubbing Hindi films into Somali. Due to dubbing, Indian and Turkish films have become the favorites of Somalis for many years.

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