Famous writer Mannu Bhandari ‘Aapka Bunty’ and ‘Aankhon Dekha Jhooth’ dies

The famous Hindi literature writer Mannu Bhandari has passed away. Mannu Bhandari was born on April 3, 1931 and is known for his popular novels Aankhen Dekha Jhooth and Aapka Bunty. His death ended a generation of Hindi literature. Mannu Bhandari, who was born in Bhopal, was part of the Nai Kahaani movement, which was started by writers like Nirmala Verma, Rajendra Yadav, Bhishma Sahni, Kamleshwar, etc. Mannu Bhandari is one of the writers who wrote stories about aspiring women to India after independence. His stories and novels describe the struggle of female characters and their status in society.

His female characters seem to break the old stereotype and speak of independent existence. The famous writer Rajendra Yadav (Rajendra Yadav) is her husband. Along with him, Mannu Bhandari’s first novel, “Ek Inch Muskaan”, was published in 1961. She co-authored the novel with Rajendra Yadav.

This novel is very popular, it tells a love story between two women and the same man. The male dialogue in this novel is written by Rajendra Yadav, while the work of expressing two women is done by Mannu Bhandari.

Since then, Manu Bhandari’s second novel, “Apuka Bundi”, has been published. This novel is based on the story of a boy whose parents divorced and married different people. This novel describes the impact of the breakdown of a father’s marriage on his children. This in itself is a novel way of writing stories in Hindi literature and is highly appreciated. The popularity of this novel can be measured by its translation into French, Bengali, and English.

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