Farouk Kibet and David Mugonyi Almost Dead In A Road Accident today

According to reports, Farouk Kibet, an assistant to Vice President William Ruto, was involved in a terrible traffic accident shortly after leaving Migori County. According to reports shared on social media, Farouk Kibet tried to flee from Migori to Nairobi using the money they promised to provide Migori residents.

“The media will never show you this, so please read here. Farouk Kibet tried to escape in Migori with the promised cash, but there was a terrible traffic accident on the way back to Nairobi!” reported the source.

In the live video seen by Sonko News, the young man asked Governor Okoth Obado where the money is (ere pesa in luo). Obado, accompanied by the second in command, addressed the residents of Migori.

During this period, he urged residents not to be forced to elect certain leaders, because it is their democratic right to elect anyone they want. However, the young people seemed to become impatient, and they said “oromo ere pesa” (Romanian, meaning enough speech to give us money now.) It is not clear whether Governor Obado and DP Ruto managed to distribute to Migori. Some money openly asks the same young people.

By his side, DP Ruto betrayed his bottom-up economic model and vowed to give priority to the low-income people in the society in order to bring development to the country. He further asked residents to practice tolerant politics and refused to abuse their progress for short-term gains by politicians.

Vice President William Ruto’s visit to the Nyanza area began on Tuesday when he arrived at the Susan Owiyo Art Center. According to the “Star” report, the Democratic Party is expected to hold a series of political rallies in Kisumu County before heading to Homa Bay and Migori County.

Then, he was supposed to go to the famous Kondole, then visit the Kisumu West constituency in Nyahera, meet small vendors and donate money, and then end his itinerary at Nyalunya Elementary School in Kisumu East, where he is expected to donate money to the school

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